HYPERACTION Collection - Introduction


This collection presents human figures with hypertrophied hands. Hands are our most powerful and versatile tools, representing the actions of our life.

Our society demands constant action without a break, an action focused on results and productivity. This disconnects us from our real need, forces us to attend an incessant flow of urgent matters that leave no place for what is really important.

This "hyper-action" results in a life where accelerated times and purely materialistic goals lock us in a circle of dissatisfaction away from the natural flow and emotional connection.




The agony of reaching a promising future does not allow us to enjoy the present.

Anxiety makes us move tensely and dramatically. It is not enough to run with the feet, a pair of hypertrophied hands are needed to move rushing toward the goal.




The person can’t reach his potential within a system that makes us desire the prosperity reserved for the few.

This is the result of anxiety when the energy runs out. All efforts to achieve the most promising future are unsuccessful. The feeling of emptiness invades the inside of the person who can’t accept failure.




When I pause to contemplate my action-filled life then I feel the imbalance that provokes me and the energy I need to maintain it.

On shoulders of giants



Take advantage of our knowledge to elevate ourselves and be able to see beyond the established horizon.




Stopping incessant activity and taking perspective allows us to see the real importance of everything around us.




When we connect with our emotion the tools that have been at the service of productivity become wings that allow us to fly towards our dreams and specially to our wellness.

Bringing consciousness into our daily routine we use for our happiness those past experiences that have served us to accumulate knowledge and possessions, whether they have been traumatic or not.




Meditate, according to the Buddhist tradition, is about focusing on observing the sensations that occur at every moment in the body while accepting its impermanence and that one with everything which exists.

This universal practice is the most effective way to stop excessive productivity and turn it into a stream of actions in tune with what I need and is truly important.

Hands stand firmly on the ground, leaving thought-distracting issues to connect with love.

Life becomes simple when you live in the present.