THE INNER CHILD Collection - Introduction


This collection is about the child that each adult has inside him, the one that has accompanied him since his personality was forged in childhood.

The volumes present simplified forms with flat faces and marked edges, aiming to express in a simple and powerful way the ideas they contain.

Each figure speaks of the moments in which our inner child is manifested: the pain that echoes from childhood regardless of the age of the adult, the acknowledgement of what was experienced in the early years and its further acceptance in order to culminate in the celebration of life.

Scared Child



Fear invades and paralyzes the child, who begins to disconnect from his feelings to relieve the pain they cause him.

At the same time he begins to take refuge in his thoughts, in his imaginary world of ideas.




Child clings to the idea that he can live and maintain his prosperity forever, despite the certainty of impermanence: everything changes and eventually vanishes, all life ends with death.

Our inner child covers the lack of love with the identification with possessions and a growth that can not last over time. Sooner or later the decline comes and its suffering is unleashed in vain efforts to maintain prosperity infinitely.

The adult supports the child with love towards himself and over time he can face the loss, including death, to surrender and experience it as one more stage in life.

The echo of pain



Sometimes a present situation (not very important at first sight) becomes intensely painful when it resonates with the sensation of the void of love lived in childhood.




Embrace ourselves symbolizes our internal reconciliation, the acceptance that sustains us when we feel divided.

Inner child embrace



Being happy means listening to our inner child, validate his needs and place limits on him with love.

Wings for the inner child



Enjoying life means recognizing our inner child and give him wings to express himself.

Healthy selfie



In our present culture we tend to show others that we look and take care of ourselves, and this usually only stays in appearance.

Our maturity is about taking responsibility for our own motherhood: learning to listen to ourselves and live in the world while we give lovingly to ourselves what we need.

To love with wings and roots



Connecting with the potential of love that we have inside allows us to spread our wings to reach dreams with freedom and deepen our roots with life to sustain reality.




Our ancestors support us, we rely on their physical and emotional legacy even if they are no longer among us.

We descend from them and we also slowly descend towards the inevitable death. Accepting both these facts lovingly invites us to celebrate the gift of life.